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About Ayurgruham Ayurveda Hospital

Welcome to Ayurgruham, an ayurvedic sanctuary which is the epitome of hope in health & healing,under the guidance of highly qualified doctors and eminent professionalsin the field of Ayurveda . Ayurveda is a science of life, which believes in maintaining the equilibrium of body and mind rather than symptomatic relief. Ayurgruham team is concern about treatment of extreme condition in chronic diseases. Apart from this, it is also a place that promises you a complete rejuvenation of mind and body tranquillity through classical ayurvedic techniques.

Ayurgruham is located in Kerala, India, has a reputation for maintain the quality of Ayurvedic treatment. It’s a 30 bedded hospital which secured ‘olive leaf ‘certificate from government of Kerala for its excellence in quality service. Emphasizing the mission for curing hospital rejected cases in case of chronic diseases, trauma, paralysis, rheumatism, bone disorder, permanent body pain etc., under the guidance highly qualified doctors and eminent professionals in Ayurveda. Moreover, Ayurgruham is located in a remote Kerala village literally unpolluted from water,air,sound and tourism.

The Founder

Panchendhriya  Ayurgruham , one of the major Ayurvedic  hospitals in Kerala, founder by Mr K K Viswanathan , a traditional vaidhya has vast repository of experience in the various treatment methods. This hospital stands as the glowing symbol of his humble aspiration to heal patients under one roof in an atmosphere strongly reminiscent of home. Panchendhriya  Ayurgruham is also an endeavour of the panchendhriya  Group, running number of Ayurvedic Spa & Treatment centres in 5 major star hotels all over India


Dr. Anish Viswanathan


Dr. Varsha Anish

Rtd. Assistant Director SCT 4 Incharge of National Research Institute for Panchakarma

Dr. N. Jaya


Dr. Jesmi Jose